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Shaping the future of technology by empowering our people & exceeding client expectations. At CIS, we fuel our team's brilliance, leading to client satisfaction that's off the charts. Our award-winning solutions impact millions globally. Be the game-changer. Join us.

CIS really takes care of its employees. I actually look forward to coming to work. People here are extremely smart, helpful, and amazing to work with. Couldn't ask for a better environment!

Lakhan A.

CIS has exceeded my expectations. One of the best organizations in Central India. The office environment is friendly and superiors are helpful. I would recommend working here, particularly for the young professionals.

Ritesh B.

I think apart from Cyber Infrastructure, CIS can also be- "CAREER'S INSPIRATION & SUCCESS". It is a domicile where we learn & upgrade our selves. I recommend others to associate with CIS, because here you will feel- "Sometimes journey is better than destination!"

Aishwarya J.

CIS offers open culture and independence to show your ideas and creativity. CIS is like a big family where you can offer opinion and advice to anyone. I love working with CIS!

Ankit J.

Best place to work for in Indore. There are many opportunities in different domains. Zero work pressure and multiple sources of learning. Having great time since joining.

Lokendra P.

I wake up every day excited to go to work, and at the end of every day I am thankful to be a part of such an amazing organisation.

Shailendra S.

I have been working in CIS for more than 5 years. CIS is a perfect company for work satisfaction and knowledge development.

Shailesh B.

I came from very small company, so I was bit nervous. But the friendly environment of CIS and the helping nature of colleagues and seniors helped me to quickly get over my nervousness.

Ankit Y.

Enjoying the learning opportunities and new experiences offered by CIS. I love the friendship and care that our teams share. Happy to be a part of CIS Family.

Harsha T.

I have been working in CIS for past 6 years. I have learned lots of things here like how to work in a team, how to take responsibility for your work. I am still in the process of learning a lot more at CIS.

Sourabh M.

Employees are recognized for the value they bring to the company and are consistently given opportunities to learn additional skills. Everyone has a voice at CIS. We work together to improve quality, processes and ultimately achieve growth as an organization.

Ravindra P.

CIS is a company with clear vision and identity. We have a culture of collaboration which helps us produce better work and better results. We always work as a team under proper guidance of our leaders. The company atmosphere is fun, open and energetic.

Ronak B.

My experience with CIS has been excellent. The management system is very good and prompt; always thinking about saving time of employees.

Sunil D.

CIS has a good work life balance. My Coworkers are intelligent, fun to work with, and passionate. I think this is the most significant factor that makes CIS a great place to work for.

Vishnu S.

CIS is a place where you are allowed to be yourself. My Journey from Junior Developer to Team lead has taught me lots of things. Being creative is the greatest thing I learned from CIS.

Ravindra T.

CIS is one of the best places to learn a lot as an individual as well as a team member. This is a great company to start with a career with.

Sandeep S.

My journey with CIS has been full of challenges, surprises, learnings and adventures. I am blessed to work in a company like CIS which happens to be my first company. It fulfills all the requirements of my dream company.

Saloni J.

Great workplace, environment and management. I have enjoyed work and activities and I would like to thank the company for giving me these opportunities.

Arun S.

CIS is a rapid growing company in India. The work environment is very Good & people are very supportive. Working at CIS means an effective balance between personal and professional life.

Priyesh S.

I have worked on diverse projects and acquired many skills which wouldn't have been possible. I don't suffer from Monday morning blues because I absolutely love my job.

Pranjal T.

I am learning a lot here about new technologies. I have improved my technical skills as well as personality.

Vijay M.

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Our Benefits

Besides all that, you get

  • 5 Days a Week: Five days working enhances team members well-being, increased productivity, ensures consistent performance and job satisfaction.

  • Flexible Timings: Experience the adaptable schedules, where work-life harmony meets productivity & life-goals in perfect balance.

  • Training: Stay ahead in your field with our continuous learning and upskilling programs, ensuring your professional growth and success with our Industry Experts.

  • Rewards: Receive recognition for your dedication and hard work with our rewards program, designed to celebrate your achievements.

  • Parental Leaves: We support your parenting journey with ample parental leave policies, promoting strong family bonds so you can cherish moments with your newborn.

  • Recreation Zone: Boost positivity at work by indulging in our recreational area, promoting relaxation and well-being among all team members.

Innovative Workspace

Revealing Our State-of-the-Art Office Infrastructure, Architectural Wonder, and Exciting Events Center!

Discover a contemporary office where functionality and design coexist. Explore our cutting-edge workplace space, an architectural marvel that inspires innovation. Participate in lively activities to create a thriving community in our cutting-edge area.

Equal opportunities

As a firm with worldwide roots, we value each CISIN's uniqueness. CISIN is delighted to be an equal opportunity employer, regardless of color, age, religion, country origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Transparency in Coverage